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Noonee Chairless Chair 2.0

Gain without Pain, Now Available in Abu Dhabi By ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions

The Chairless Chair (Noonee 2.0) allows for quick, easy and flexible changes between sitting, standing.

Studies show that 75% of all employed suffer from back problems. let them get equipped with Noonee 2.0 (High quality German made product) and help your workers focus more on working instead of focusing on their back pain. Increase the productivity of your workers and decrease their physical pain while working, Noonee product has been used in global well known brands that are specialized in multiple sectors such as Automotive Manufacturing and Maintenance; Assembly and Production; Logistics; Medical sectors including surgeries, chemical and pharma production.

Noonee 2.0 Chairless Chair at a glance


Support of your posture while working in a sitting position


It takes less than 30 seconds to put on the device and even less time to take it off

Freedom of movement

Replaces disruptive chairs and/or standing support


Individual seat height adjustment

Individual settings adapting body's height and size.

The Chairless Chair can easily be adjusted to various body types and worn with different safety shoes

Online training

The training can be done online anytime and anywhere

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